Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clash of The Titans (2010)

It has been quite a nice day today, for a change. The sun was out. The temperature was warm-ish. What a nice thought it was to end the day with a movie - Clash of The Titans (2010).

I think there is nothing wrong with a brainless-action-blockbuster-thriller. This especially makes sense after a long and productive day. It helps to unwind a bit. But I've seen more and more of these brainless flicks where I come out the other end going: "really? I sat through 2-3 hours of this?" Some of the recent silver screen products have been so bad that even if I do intend to go in with my brain completely turned off, I come out annoyed. This movie just scrapes the top the list.

The only positive thing I can attribute to this movie is that it was based on Mythology, which I'm quite a big fan. A bit of fantasy here and there is quite all right. Oh, and some of the actresses were quite a bit of an eye-candy phenomenon.

The story line was poor. The acting was mediocre. The effects... Wow, they were terrible. The only thing that baffled me was Pegasus. I'm not entirely sure how they managed, but that's the only believable thing in there. Characters weren't developed very well... etc, etc. Did you know Hades was actually a giant black bat?

It's just a saving grace that I insisted on not watching this movie in 3D. I've seen Alice in Wonderland (2010) recently, and I fully agree with James Cameron that the 2D-to-3D conversion is just not the same as filming the whole thing in 3D. This would most likely have been really bad, and it would very likely have been able to make me sick (and I don't get car sick or sea sick... and this is on a comfy couch in the cinema...). And it would have cost more!

Please stop releasing rubbish like this! And not every movie has to be in 3D. Some of us wear glasses, and it really doesn't work that well.

One final thought: if you do watch this movie, and you think your eyes have gone misty when you see Zeus, it's not your eyes. It's the horribly cheap digital effect they put on Lian Neeson's "armour" which makes him look camp and fairy-like.


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